Sunday, January 8, 2017

Make the Most of the 100th Day (Tips and Free Activities)

It's hard to believe that it is time to start planning for the 100th Day of School.  It's a big milestone and a perfect time to have fun with the number 100.
Last year, I ran out of time to share about our 100th Day.  Luckily I didn't delete my pics.  So here's a run down, complete with lots of freebies, of last year's 100th Day of School.
Let's start with the door banner.  I've made one for the past three or four years.  The kids LOVE going through the streamers.  And bonus, last year I used it as a picture backdrop, when I took individual picture of my firsties in their 100th Day shirts.
Here's how I put together my banner...
First, I printed some festive clip art (these are from Graphics from the Pond) and text.  I cut all of the clips and the text apart.

Using butcher paper, I staggered the paper that I would later cut into streamers.

I glued the clip art and text onto the top portion of the banner.

Next, I stapled all of the butcher paper together.

Finally, I measured and cut all of the streamers.

And voila, a colorful way to welcome your students on the 100th Day of School.

After making their way through the oh-so-fun banner streamers, students started their day with the 100th Day Scavenger Hunt (a 100th Day version of write the room).
To prep for this activity, I printed numbers 1-100 on two different colors of paper.  I used our school colors, but it really doesn't matter what two colors you choose.

I randomly placed the number cards around the room.  Students colored in their 100 chart with the colors that corresponded with the number cards.

When they finished, a 100th Day hidden picture was revealed.
Click here if you would like a FREE copy of my 100th Day Scavenger Hunt to use with your class.

We also made these cutie 100th Day Kids.  I created this pattern a few years ago and have used it ever since.
This craftivity includes paper for a writing piece or paper for spelling word practice.  We used the spelling practice option.
Here are a few of our 100th Day Kids...

For a FREE copy of this 100th Day craftivity, just click here.

Another little craft we made is our 100th Day Hats.  The hats coordinated perfectly with students' 100th Day shirts (an at home project).
These hat were super simple.  I just let students color them however they wanted.
For a FREE copy of my 100th Day Hat, click here.

A perennial favorite for the 100th Day is our 100th Day Sort and Graph.  There are all sorts of things you can sort and graph on the 100th Day.  My favorite is chocolate.  We use M & M's.
Students each got a baggy containing 100 M & M's.  (A parent volunteer to counted and bagged up the M & M's before the 100th Day.)
They sorted the M & M's by color and then completed their graph.

I've had several requests for copies of the M & M graph that we use, so here it is.  Click here for a FREE copy of my 100th Day Sort and Graph printables.

To wrap up the day, students participated in the 100th Day Kids' Challenge.  Students had 100 seconds to complete a variety of tasks that included physical, academic, and creative challenges.  Student wrote their results on a recording sheet and I kept time as students rotated to all the challenge stations.
Here are a few pics from our 100th Day Kids' Challenge...
 Lego Creations
Ordering Numbers by 5's
 ABC Order 
 Word Writing
 100 Cup Tower
 Memory Game
 Pattern Block Design

The 100th Day Kids' Challenge is a wonderful way to get students up and moving.  My group last year had a blast with it.  
If you would like to use it with your students, click on the picture below for a FREE copy.

To make the most of the 100th Day of school, it's important to start planning ahead.  I hope some of these ideas and freebies will be helpful as you start getting ready for your 100th Day of School.