Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Daily Five: Outside the Box (Work on Writing)

Hi All.  For those still on summer break, enjoy.  That life seems so far away to me now.  I am in my fourth week of school with my new little first graders.  Getting them to this point is exhausting, but they have my class routine and procedures down.  Now we are ready to go.
We just completed our Daily Five training period, which I know many of you are wrapping up, currently in the middle of, or about to start.  If you are working toward the implementation of the D5, you may want to consider keeping the Work on Writing element as a whole group, everybody at the same time activity.  Read on to see why . . .

I really love many components of The Daily Five, however writing outside of the rotations has been one change I made and witnessed positive results.  You may love the traditional way and it may work great for your kiddos.  But if not, this may be the time to try a little something different.
For more about writing in my class, click here.
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  1. Thanks for this advice. I haven't ever done the Daily 5 but will probably start next term. I currently do writing whole class and my kindergarten kids progress really well so I would be reluctant to lose this time. Could it be done as well? The writing time in Daily five could be just fun and practise but teaching in a writing whole class lesson? Great blog!!
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage