Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Desk Fairy Kit {A Freebie for You}

Hi friends.  Hope your week is going well.  My students had a little visitor this afternoon from our Desk Fairy.  Today was her first trip this year.  She usually starts making appearances as my little sweeties begin getting a little too relaxed with their desk organization.

When the Desk Fairy visits students will see the Desk Fairy magnet on our front board.  She usually has a comment for the class, but not always.
If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a Desk Fairy, she makes unannounced visits to check on how well students are cleaning and organizing their materials at their desks or tables.  The Desk Fairy then rewards the students that did a good job with some type of treat.
Today my Desk Fairy had a little helper to check desks and pass out goodies.  A  really takes this job very seriously.

In the morning students will come in and either find a treat in their desks or find a note from the Desk Fairy.  The treat is, of course, for the neat and tidy desks.  The note says "try again," for desks that are not in order.
My firsties love the Desk Fairy.  She really does help (most) them stay on top of keeping their desk areas clean.  It is my hope that they begin a habit of organization that continues with them as they grow older.

If you would like the printables I use for the Desk Fairy in my class, you can click on the picture below.  This freebie includes a variety of Desk Fairies, tips, and printable coupons/notes to leave in student desks.

If your class has never had a visit from the Desk Fairy, invite her in.  There is a good chance your students will take better care of their spaces if they think she is watching.
Have a great week.

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