Saturday, May 24, 2014

Five for Friday: The Last Week of School Rewind (with Two Freebies for the Summer)

Well, I've made it across another finish line.  Finish line number fourteen, if your counting.  I'm sure you are not shocked in the least to know that my last week of school was crazy busy.  There were all sorts of things going on at school and outside of school.  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's weekly Five for Friday to share some of the highlights from the crazy week that was.

Number 1
This week we finished our data collection and mini books to go along with our Graduation Glyphs.  The Graduation Kid mini books are a combination of individual student info, class memories, and data collected from the glyphs.  My firsties had a great time with these and really liked the autograph pages.  This project was perfect for the end of the year and a nice keepsake.

For more information about the mini book and glyph, click on one of the pictures above.

Number 2
Since our last week of school is in May, we are never in session during the weeks leading up to Father's Day.  We don't want our dads to feel slighted, so we made our Father's Day Booklets, My Rad Dad, before we left on break.
In this booklet students complete statements about their fathers and then illustrate that statements.  They always turn out really cute and this year was no exception.

Hopefully my young learners will keep up with their booklets long enough to give them to their dads.
A made a booklet for D a little early so I could show a sample to the class.  It cracks me up that she says her dad is as strong as a cow ("because if a cow steps on your foot, it really hurts") and is good at wrestling.  I'm sure D will love it when she gives it to him.
If you would like a free copy of this FREE Father's Day booklet, click on one of the pictures.

Number 3
I wanted to share the end of the year gift I gave my sweet students.

It was a framed picture of our class.  I usually keep things simple and give a book or some kind of photograph to my firsties as we say good bye.  This year it was a picture and it went over really well.  
Our school does year books and group class pictures, but the majority of my students do not get either.  I think they really appreciated getting a picture of their classmates to keep.

Number 4
This week I also spent some time putting together a summer review packet for the kindergartners that will be first graders when school starts back.  This packet includes an eight week calendar with suggested literacy and math review activities, as well as cut apart manipulatives to use with some of the activities.
If you would like a FREE copy of my Summer Break Review packet to use with your students, click on the picture below.

The clip art for the Summer Break Review packet and My Rad Dad is from Scrappin Doodles.

Number 5
Speaking of kindergartners on the move to first grade, please indulge me in a proud mom moment.   A  finished kindergarten this week.  I really can't believe this year has already came and went. 
She had a great year, with a super fantastic awesome teacher and made many new friends.  D and I are so proud of her.  
And as scheduling would have it,  A's last day of kindergarten was also her very first ballet recital.  It was a big day for the whole family and probably good to have something to distract me from thinking about how quickly she is growing up.

We are certainly looking forward to some time off this summer.  If you are still weeks away from summer break, hang in there.  Each day you're a little closer.
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  1. Another fun post! Oh my gosh! A looks like a first grader now! Thank you for making a packet for kinders moving into first grade! Yipeee! I need those! I also think the class picture is a thoughtful idea. Many of my kids don't purchase the school version. Happy summer, my dear!