Saturday, June 7, 2014

Five for Friday: Five Favorite Freebies

Is it just me or do Fridays seem to roll around really quickly on summer break?  When I was a kid, summers stretched on endlessly and now . . .  not so much.  But since it is Friday, I'll mark the occasion by linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday.
This week I'd like to do a little something different.  Instead of posting five random things from the week, I'd like to repost five of my favorite freebies that I've been honored to share over the past year.

Number 1
Last summer I compiled my Number of the Day printables into one packet, Number of the Day for a Year.
I created these printables to spiral in complexity as the year progresses.  I really like using these number of the day handouts as part of morning work two or three days a week.  I think they serve as a great review for my students.
If you would like more details or to get your own free copy of Number of the Day for a Year, click on the picture below.

Number 2
Word Work It is a packet of five word work printable activities that I like to use as part of my word work time during our Daily Five time.  My students work with manipulatives, the Ipad, the computer, and these printables each week to practice their spelling words.
While I would prefer to keep our word work time all hands on, the reality is my students need a bit of accountability in order to stay focused during this independent practice time.  Mixing in some written assignments along with the other activities has really helped.
These activities are not specifically designed for use with The Daily Five.  So, if you do not do The Daily Five in your class, these printables can still be useful to you.
Click on the picture for your free copy of Word Work It.

Number 3
The next freebie is for the second semester, which seems like a million years away right now, but bare with me.  If you think you might be able to use this activity, you can always pin it.
Make Way for MLK is a packet that includes two literacy centers, two math centers, and a writing craftivity focusing on Martin Luther King Jr.  Having these centers and the writing activity really gave me a great jumping off point to plan for learning about MLK.
If you would like a free copy of Make Way for MLK, click on the picture.

Number 4
If you use Touchpoint Math, you'll want to check out my Rockin' Touchpoint Numbers.  This freebie is a math center that I use at the beginning of the year when my students are memorizing where the points go on the numbers.
If you are not familiar with Touchpoints or Touch Math, do a little research online.  My students have had great success with addition and subtraction accuracy using this method.
For more details about Rockin' Touchpoint Numbers or a free copy, click on the picture.

Number 5
My final freebie is my set of Whole Brain Teaching Class Rules.  Whole Brain Teaching Class Rules and Mini Book is a packet that includes a variety of posters featuring the Whole Brain Teaching Class Rules and a printable mini book for your students.
I use the posters all year and the mini book is great to use early on when your students are learning the rules.
Like all of the goodies above, click on the picture if you would like a free copy of this packet.

I hope some of these freebies will be useful to you.  If you like them, be sure to browse around School Is a Happy Place.  There are many, many more free activities ready to share.

Thanks again to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting Five for Friday.  


  1. Hi! I love your ideas and your products! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE these freebies! Thank you, Amber. I can't believe I'm printing things for next year and today is my first day of summer! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful freebies! I'm your newest follower. BTW - One of my best friends (who's also a teacher) is named Amber Monroe!!!

    Grasty's 2nd Grade Goodies

  4. these are so great - and super cute! thanks!

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