Friday, December 5, 2014

Good Things Come in Small Packages: Fun with Our Class Elf

Monday was a big day in our classroom.  Our Elf arrived from the North Pole.  He was a bit of a surprise.  He was peeking out of a big basket of Lincoln Logs on top of a tall cabinet.  I really didn't think he would be spotted until later in the day.  But my kids found him right away.
Now, every morning they rush in to be the first to see where our Elf is hiding and what he's up to.  
We are keeping track of all things Elf in our journal (Diary of an Elf).

Students wrote about our Elf's arrival and a personal introduction.  After that, they write short daily entries telling where the Elf is, what he's doing, and possibly how he got in that position.  I've encouraged my students to write as though they are the Elf.  Some of the entries have been funny and creative.
For a FREE copy of my Diary of an Elf, click on the picture above.

Another Elf inspired activity we did was a quick and easy to prep rhyming words sort.  I used some of the rhymes from the book, The Elf on the Shelf to create this sort.  It was a great little review for my firsties.  You can have a FREE copy of this sort by clicking on the picture below.

Elf also made an appearance in our December math centers.  He is featured in our place value center.  That's the thing about Elf, you just never know where he's going to turn up. ;)

On Friday morning Elf (at least we think it was Elf) left a little treat for everyone at their desks.  Food is always a hit.  Food from a secret admirer is over the top thrilling.

Later in the day we made our Elf Glyphs and I love how they turned out.  Students answered a set of holiday related questions to determine what their glyphs look like.  On Monday we are going to use our glyphs for some data collection and analysis during our math time. 

If you are interested in my Elf Glyph, it is available at my tpt store.  You can click on the picture below for more details.

I'll wrap this up with a pic of this upcoming Monday morning's elfscapade.  Nothing over the top, just a little snack.  But knowing my kids, they are going to be totally cracked up by an Elf and his sandwich.

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  1. Everything you do is beautiful! I have a feeling your classroom is organized and tidy and has a lovely feeling . Those kids are so lucky! Love your elf glyph and diary/journal. What a great idea. Hope all is well!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to add some things to my wish list! :) I'm also doing the elf this year and my kids LOVE it. I am so surprised by how much they are willing to write when they write about Fred.