Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Best Nine and Give Away Winners

Hi Friends.
I hope you are enjoying your Christmas break.  I am.  I've been able to stay in yoga pants and no makeup for the past couple of days, which is about as relaxed as it gets around here. 
I've also had a chance to catch up on a little blog reading and enjoy checking out holiday Instagram posts.  One fun hashtag I really liked looking at is #2015bestnine.  
You can go to a site and enter your Instagram user name and it will generate set of the most liked pictures of 2015 from your account.  (To do it yourself, just google #2015bestnine.)

Here's a run down of my top nine Instagram pics from 2015.

1.  Prepping my 100th Day of School door banner.  My firsties loved going through the steamers.
2.  I always take pictures of my students on the first day of school.  I started having them hold a chalkboard a couple of years ago.  They always turn out so cute.
3.  Here's a peek at my class set up.  I haven't made any changes in the past couple of years.  (Maybe this summer will be time for a little makeover.)
4.  From time to time I like to share outfits and accessories.  Here is my favorite summer Tory Burch cross body.  I love the colorful polka dots.
5.  I celebrated a milestone birthday this year.  D and A did a great job picking out a special gift for me.
6.  A had a talent day in her class.  She demonstrated ballet.  Her teacher snapped this awesome picture of her doing a grand jete.  Love it!
7.  We wrapped up color week with a color themed STEM activity.
8.  During Read Across America, we made these cute birthday cats to display in the hall.  Click here if you would like a free copy of this activity.
9.  On April Fool's Day I pranked my class with a fake spelling test.  Number 1 was the word Happy.  Number 2 was the word April.  Number 3 was the word Fools.  (At this point the kids were on to me.) And Number 4 was the word Day.  My kids went crazy. ;)

There you have #2015bestnine.  Click here if you would like to follow me on Instagram.  Since it's such a quick way to share, I update it pretty frequently with school stuff, personal pics, outfit ideas, products, and basically things that make me happy.

Speaking of happy.  I got to make three ladies very happy this morning by letting them know that they each won a $25 Amazon gift card during School Is a Happy Place's 3rd Blogiversary Give Away. 
Congratulations to Christin of Shifting Teacher K-2, Wendy of First Grade Fireworks, and Anne of Elementary AMC.  I'm sure they will put their prizes to good use.
Be sure to visit these ladies.  They all have lots of great ideas to share.

Shifting Teacher K-2
Elementary AMC

Thanks to all of you that entered.

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  1. So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went to NYC venues for evening event and I was really impressed.