Sunday, July 31, 2016

Make a Custom Banner for Your Classroom

I just wrapped up a huge classroom redecorating project last night (two days before our new school year started).  I'm not going to lie, there was lots of painting, reorganizing, and obsessing over various elements in the classroom.  There is a reason I do not redecorate very often, it's a lot of work.  Plus, it can be expensive.
One way I saved a little money was by making my own pennant banners.  I love the way they look and (as it turns out) are super simple to make.

Here's what to do...

First, decide what colors you want your banner.  I went with watercolor shades of rainbow colors.  I used digital paper, instead of scrapbook paper or construction paper.  (That way the computer does all your measuring for you.)
You can find digital paper online for free.  I got what I needed at teachers pay teachers.

After selecting your digital paper, insert a sheet on a power point slide.  (You can use any computer program that allows you to crop pictures into shapes).  I use power point for everything, so that's what I went with.

After placing the paper on the slide.  Crop it by selecting crop to shape and choosing the triangle (or whatever shape you want your banner to be).

After cropping the shape, it should look something like this:

You can adjust the size of your shape easily by setting the dimensions or dragging it to the size you want.

After creating all the shapes you need for your banner, print them.  Then laminate and cut them out.  After cutting all your shapes, punch two wholes for ribbon stringing purposes.

Next, string all the triangles onto a ribbon.

Once you've strung the triangles, you have an adorable custom banner for your classroom.

You can make your banner as long or short as you want.  You can make it with any colors or patterns you want.  You can even insert text or clip art.  These banners are really easy and fairly quick to make.  If you've been thinking about using this type of decoration in your classroom, you should definitely give making your own custom banner a try.
Have a great week.


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  1. Your banner turned out beautifully! I love your chalkboard as well! Hope that your first day back was wonderful and have a terrific year with your students!! :D