Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Marvelous Mom: A Free Mother's Day Book

This evening  D  and I were discussing Mother's Day plans.  We usually host lunch for both of our families on that day.  Since plans are in the works at home, I figured I better start getting my ducks in a row at school.
One activity my firsties will complete for Mother's Day is My Marvelous Mom book.  All they have to do is complete each sentence about their sweet mamas and illustrate a picture to go with the sentence.  You can have your own free copy by clicking on the picture below.  The clip art is from Scrappin Doodles and Fancy Dog Studios.
My class will be taking the SAT-10 next week and we are under orders not to be instructing in the afternoons.  Seems like a perfect time to work on some Mother's Day activities.
You may also be interested in this book.
The Night Before Mother's Day by Natasha Wing is another book in The Night Before series.  It is a great little read to get students started thinking about doing something special for their moms.
P.S.  You can click here if you would also like my free printable book for Father's Day, My Rad Dad.


  1. Dear Mrs.Monroe! I wonder how you manage to cope with all the activities you do. Being so a creative teacher, a nice woman with so kind smile, loving Mom and a blog keeper. I do appreciate your materials, you've got so lovely daughter and loving kids at school. I think the name of your blog and people (children) around you really make you happy. Success in your work and personal life.

  2. What a lovely task you have made,

  3. I love the Mother's Day freebie. I used it with my kiddos and just blogged about it. Thanks for sharing!

    Compassionate Teacher

  4. This is so cute! We don't know how we missed this sweet book! We'll have to stick it away for next year! Thanks for sharing!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies