Sunday, October 20, 2013

Going Batty: A Mentor Science Text and Two Free Bat Activities

We're getting close to Halloween and you know what that means . . . Kids that are very, VERY excited and probably sugared up.  Well if you are in the younger grades, it is a great time to channel all of that energy into some creepy science learning with bats.
Bats are so interesting and a great topic during October.  One book I really love to use in my class is National Geographic Kids:  Bats.  True to form, this book features loads of photographs of this nocturnal creature.  This text has many interesting facts that your student will love to hear like what bats eat, where bats live, how they use echolocation, and more.

After your kiddos learn some facts about bats, they can complete the graphic organizer that is pictured below.  (The clip art is from Melonheadz.)
Click on it if you would like a free copy to use with your students.

Also, if you are looking for a fun little craftivity to go along with your study of bats, click on the picture below for a free template and instructions for this bat headband.  It's really easy to make and super cute.

For more tried and true science text recommendations and activity ideas, be sure to visit the Collaboration Cuties.  
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  1. I love the bat hat! Is that Miss A modeling? :) I hope you're having a restful Sunday!

  2. Yes Miss A is my guinea pig and model. Poor thing!
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. I love the National Geographic Readers books. My kiddos love them as well. Such a cute bat hat!