Saturday, October 26, 2013

Something to Crow About: A Fun Fall Craftivity & A Free Comprehension Printable

This week my first graders have been doing all sorts for fun fall themed learning, which is very appropriate since this week it actually felt like autumn.  For the first time this season had to wear a jacket to school.  Scarecrows fit into this fall themed learning perfectly.
One scarecrow activity we did was a fall themed scarecrow glyph.  They turned out really cute and look great displayed in my room.  Students also did a little writing to go along with their scarecrows.  They wrote an opinion piece whether or not they thought they would make a good scarecrow.  Most agreed, being a scarecrow is not their ideal job.
If you are interested in doing this glyph with your kiddos, you can click here to find it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

There are some fab books that feature scarecrows as characters.  My favorite is The Scarecrow's Hat by Ken Brown.  This story follows Hen as she works with the other animals of the countryside to eventually trade a walking stick with Scarecrow for his hat.
This book has really lovely illustrations and a story that is the perfect springboard for teaching all sorts of comprehension lessons.  Sequencing, characters, setting, plot, conflict/solution, you name it.  Below you will find sample of a comprehension graphic organizer we used with the story, focusing on characters.
The students picked their favorite character from The Scarecrow's Hat and then completed the graphic organizer.  
You can have a FREE copy this graphic organizer by clicking on the picture.

I hope some of these suggestions and activities can be useful to you.  Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Amber, I love your scarecrow glyph. I always love your posts. I can just tell your room is calm and sweet and happy. :) Have a great weekend!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. Those scarecrows are so sweet! I love how you added the opinion writing with the craft. We will be starting opinion writing soon. I will have to keep this activity in mind. Have a great weekend!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. Darling scarecrow, Amber. I bet they look great on your boards. Happy weekend!

  4. How cute are those scarecrows??? Oh my goodness! Love! You always share such great "new" books! Thanks for passing along this goody :)

    Lucky to Be in First