Sunday, March 3, 2013

Solid Shape Museum (and a Math Mini Book Freebie)

Last week my firsties learned all about solid shapes.  Well, some of the solid shapes:  rectangular prism, cube, cylinder, sphere, and cone.  For math homework, they had to find items at home that are examples of each solid shapes.  On Friday students presented their findings in our shape museum.
The students loved listening to each other during these little presentations.  I loved watching them take a leadership role in class.
After all of the showing and viewing was complete, students worked on their shape museum mini book by illustrating the items they shared on the correct shape page.
You can have your own free copy of this mini book and a note to parents by clicking on the picture below.

The clip art is from JW illustrations, Scrappin Doodles, and Pink Cat Studio.
This activity is a great assessment tool.  When your darlings are up telling about their items and and related shapes, you will totally know if they have it or not.  
The pictures below show a few of the items brought in this year.  I loved the bullion cube.
This activity is simple to execute and pretty fun.  If you have any questions, please email me.
Have a great week.

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