Friday, January 18, 2013

100th Day Yes or No Way (A Math FREEBIE)

While I was sitting at  A's  gymnastics class this afternoon going through my school bag, I pulled out my common core standards checklist.  A standard that I have not fully taught is the one that requires students to add two-digit numbers within 100 with a multiple of 10.  Although we have worked quite a bit finding ten more and ten less of a given number, I haven't taught adding multiples of 10.  Since this standard focuses on numbers within 100, I thought this skill would be a perfect addition (no pun intended) to our 100th Day learning.
So I came up with a little activity to practice this skill.  I plan for my firsties to complete it with a partner on the 100th Day of School.  However, you really could use it any other day you are working with this standard.  It also doesn't have to be a partner activity.  It can be a math box or it can work as part of a whole group lesson.
The activity includes sorting mats, equation cards, and a recording sheet.  The clip art is from Melonheadz.
You can have a free copy by clicking on the picture below.

I use the Yes/No Way line of questioning with my sweeties as an informal assessment during whole group lessons.  It is a simple part of Whole Brain Teaching that I really like during instruction time, as well as carrying it through in various sorting activities like this one.  (If you would like my FREE Easter themed activity that practices this same skill click here.)
I hope you can find a use for it.  Questions, let me know.

Just a quick pic update from the 100th Day.  Old Granny Monroe had a surprise visitor.  My sweet mom and  A  made a 100 stamp shirt and arrived for lunch and stayed on for a couple of our 100th Day activities.  I think my firsties get just as much of a kick out of her stopping by as I do.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I was looking for math activities on pinterest and found this. It will be a great 100th day activities for my firsties. Thanks!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

    1. So glad you can use it.
      Thanks for stopping by.