Friday, January 11, 2013

MLK Day Is On the Way and So Is a FREEBIE

Our first week back to school has come to an end.  My first grade sweeties were more like first grade sleepies.  They were so worn out all week.  At dismissal, this afternoon, I looked down and three of my students were laying on the sidewalk with their heads on their backpacks while waiting for their rides.  If they can make it through one more week, they will get a well deserved three day weekend thanks to our Monday off honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
MLK day is an opportunity to learn about a very important American.  My bachelor's degree is in history.  Any time I can work history into my first grade curriculum, I am a happy lady.  I created a language arts activity just for this occasion, The Martin Luther King Jr. Sentence Scramble.
Click on the picture below for your own FREE copy.
A  tried her little hand at the scramble.  She is in a pre k readiness class and not quite ready to complete this activity by herself.  But with a little help from daddy in the reading department, she was able to figure the sentences out.  She loves doing "big kid" work.
The activity includes eight sentences to mix and unscramble, as well as two recording sheet options.  The clip art is from Melonheadz.
For my class, I plan on printing enough copies of the sentence cards for the students to work on this activity with a partner.  You can also use it as a literacy station.  This sentence scramble is a great way to practice sentence order and expose your students to Dr. King.
Happy Friday!

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