Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome Back and a FREE New Year's Craftivity

Day one of the second semester . . . check.
We are now officially over the hump.  I spent the first half of the year working to change my kindergarten darlings into my first grade sweeties.  Now my goal is to turn them into fabulous second graders.  I must say the thought of my class moving on up already gives me a little lump in my throat.  I have a group of kids that (on most days) work together really well.
I can't think about all of that right now.  So moving on . . .
I did want to share one last New Year's themed activity.  It's actually a craftivity (I love that word, although my spell check doesn't agree with me) to go along with a fun New Year's themed counting book, P. Bear's New Year's Party by Paul Owen Lewis.
It's a jazzy P. Bear paper topper and a couple of different lined paper choices.  You can use it for any type of writing assignment you want.  You can have students write their spelling words, their New Year's traditions, or their New Year's resolutions.  It's really up to you.
If you click on the picture above you can have your own FREE pattern for this craftivity and two different recording sheets.   
Of course if you do not have a copy of this book, this activity can certainly stand alone.  But, I would really recommend adding it to your library.
Happy New Year.

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