Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivate Me Monday: September 9, 2013

Hi friends.  The ladies at First Grade Buddies have started an encouraging link up about motivation.  One of my favorite motivators is to have a inspiring role model.  My motivation today really has nothing directly to do with teaching, but I'll share anyway.

I am a runner.  I started running as an adult and it took me a long time to build up endurance.  Over the years I have seen one man at my park out running that is very senior.  He is a very dedicated runner and turns out, very accomplished.  (I had a chance to meet him after my daughter was born.  He's a pediatrician in her group.)
Whenever I see him (or think about him), I am very inspired.  For all of my challenges when I am out there, I know his are much greater.  I tell myself, if he can do it . . . so can I.  
Some days, I need a lot of motivation to make myself get out there.  Having a role model is certainly one way to overcome that part of your brain that wants to stop.  


  1. I love this post, Amber. I need some motivation today. :) Thank you!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. My motivation kicks me out of bed for a 45minute walk each morning. I'm winning so far but boy I get sick of he mind arguments! Thanks for this fun and true post.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  3. LOVE this!! I will remember this when I head out on my running mornings! Thanks for linking up!

    :) Sarah
    First Grade Buddies