Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Daily Five: The First Days of Read to Someone (and a FREEBIE)

Hi Summer Lovers.  I'm adding to my ongoing series of Daily Five posts with a focus on getting started with Read to Someone.  As the year progresses Read to Someone (or partner reading) can be tricky.  However, if you really take your time during the first few weeks of school and train your students correctly, Read to Someone can work in your classroom.
If you are thinking about doing The Daily Five in your class, I encourage you to go for it.  If you are waiting to feel like you are an expert and all conditions are right . . . don't.  Read the book.  Look around at other blogs.  Try not to get, overwhelmed.  You will find what works for you, if you give it a try.

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  1. These are so helpful!! Especially for those who havnt had much experience with Daily 5 yet and are about to have to implement it!! You're the best!

    The Army Wife Teacher