Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yes It's Here...The Beginning of the Year

Let me paint you a picture of my past week.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was in State Department Common Core Training.  Thursday I presented at my school district's reading and math conference.  On Friday, I was at my home school for our super long beginning of the year faculty meeting and a visit from our district's head nurse to talk about blood born pathogens.
Meanwhile my poor classroom looked exactly like this . . .
When I finally got back to my class, I busy beed it until dinner time.  Trying all the while to control my ADD tendencies when I have a big project in front of me.  I felt pretty good when I left.  (Sorry I didn't snap a pic.)  My classroom is absolutely not ready, but I finished enough to not have to go in this weekend.  Yippee.
I have just about a week before welcoming my new firsties and their parents.  Hopefully I've got a good start and will not feel too pushed as time gets closer.

Since it's a new year and a fresh start, I have some new goals.  (I try not to set too many, so that I'm not overwhelmed and give up.)
My goals this year are:
Begin using literacy centers during my Daily Five time.
Have my students read more decodable texts that do not have picture support.
Incorporate Wilson Fundations (focusing on my struggling readers during small group).
Go to bed on time (a left over New Year's resolution that I've not managed to accomplish).

Fingers crossed that these goals are doable.  If I have any aha moments as I work toward meeting them, I'll be sure to report back.


  1. We will be in the same boat in a couple of weeks! It's always hard sitting in meetings when you know your classroom needs attention! How did your presentation go?

  2. Judging by the quality of everything else you do, I bet your classroom looks adorable! One of your goals is to go to bed on time, mine needs to be to try to stay awake past 8pm!!!

  3. I feel exactly the same way when I am sitting in a meeting THINKING of what I really want/need to do. It is such a great feeling when you feel "ready." Wait... do we ever?! At least you know all you ever needed to yet again about blood born pathogens... :)
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    I'm a new follower and I've nominated you for a Liebster Awards! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

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